VIP Lounge

A soothing space for personal recovery and healing which combines muscle-relaxing scents and alternating warming temperatures.

mytha vip lounge
Spa Cafe

The Café offers a casual menu throughout the day, from soups and greens to sandwiches and light mains. 

spa cafe.jpg
The Gym

Our contemporary gym is fully equipped with free weights, treadmills and exercise machines, a sauna and a cardio area. 

spa gym 1.jpg


Caring for the mind, body and spirit is the cornerstone of MyThai's spa philosophy.

Our spa go beyond simply treating the body, by offering a holistic approach to

your spa experience. Combining years of knowledge,

with skill and intuition in a luxurious, healing environment has made

our spas facilities some of the best in Malaysia.

Modern Surau

Clean and

well-equipped modern prayer room for Muslims, with ample space.

mythai surau
Theatre Room

Feeling good, chilling out and winding down, specially designed for your body recovery and mind relaxation.

mythai theatre room
Spa Shower

Vitamin-infused showers enhance the shower experience. Helps stimulate the body’s circulatory system.

mythai spa shower
Audio Room

Surround yourself with soothing music, creating a sense of calm to aid therapeutic benefits.

mythai audio room
Steam | Sauna

Have an ultra-detoxifying sauna experience for a fresher mind and body.